Roselle Park Municipal Meeting Agenda Revealed for Thursday

Roselle Park, NJ – The Borough of Roselle Park has released details regarding the upcoming municipal meeting scheduled for Thursday. The meeting is set to commence at 7:00 PM at the Borough Council Chambers, located at 110 East Westfield Avenue.

The agenda for the meeting includes various items to be discussed and addressed by the council. The meeting will begin with the reading of the Public Meetings Law article, followed by a moment of silence or prayer and the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Communication items are not listed on the agenda for this particular meeting. Similarly, no proclamations or presentations are scheduled to take place.

A significant aspect of the meeting will be the public hearing on the 2023 Municipal Budget. The council will seek input and feedback from the community regarding the budget proposal before its approval. Additionally, the meeting minutes will be reviewed and potentially approved, pending any necessary corrections.

The council will move on to motion bills and payrolls, which are expected to be passed for payment without being read aloud.

During the public portion of the meeting, residents will have an opportunity to address the council on agenda items. A time limit of 5 minutes per person will be enforced.

Following the public portion, department reports will be presented. However, for this meeting, there are no scheduled verbal reports. Written reports received include the Animal Control Officer’s Report for May 2023 and the Treasurer’s Report for the same month.

The meeting will then proceed to the consideration of ordinances for the second reading. Among the ordinances to be discussed are ORD. No. 2729, which pertains to permitting certain cannabis businesses as a conditional use within specific zones, and ORD. No. 2730, which establishes a fee schedule for the RECRiders Summer Program.

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Several ordinances are also scheduled for introduction, including ORD. No. 2731, which amends the Recreation Fees Enumerated section, and ORD. No. 2732, which amends the Building and Construction section to address fees. Additionally, ORD. No. 2733, ORD. No. 2734, and ORD. No. 2735 will be presented for consideration.

The meeting will move on to the consent agenda, which comprises routine and non-controversial matters. A number of resolutions will be approved together unless a council member requests separate discussions for specific items.

After the resolutions, there will be reports from the Borough Council and committees, as well as a report from the Mayor and Mayoral appointments. The public will have another opportunity to address the council during the public portion, with a time limit of 4 minutes per person.

An executive (closed) session may be held, and the meeting will conclude with adjournment.

The next regular scheduled meeting of the Mayor and Council is planned for July 20, 2023.

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