A Ruckus is defined as: a disturbance; a commotion. We want to bring the Ruckus to the cycling industry through sustainability and engineering.

Everyday another cycling manufacturer leaves the country; our promise is to keep our parts and services local; this local idea is a cornerstone of our philosophy. By decreasing the distance a part has to travel, it further decreases the carbon foot print of each component. To further decrease waste we utilize every piece of useable material. By precutting all our raw fabric there is little waste leftover from the machining process. Other products are then specifically developed to utilize these leftover pieces.

We prioritize our community and environment give back as much as possible. We practice a theory called “sustainability through design.” Each time you buy or upgrade a component it costs you money and uses natural resources. By focusing upon engineering and design practices our components become a lifetime component. This practice reduces the “throw away” syndrome associated with many other products.

We pride ourselves on our engineering practices. We re-invest our money into furthering research and development of composite sciences and processes. This usually means a wacky project or three; often these are more for fun and entertainment than anything.

If a process or product doesn’t exist, we create it!