Monthly Sentencings Reported in Sidney Municipal Court

Sidney, NJ – The Sidney Municipal Court recently released a list of individuals who appeared for sentencing during the month of April 2023. Each sentence includes the cost of prosecution, ensuring full accountability for the offenses committed.

Among those charged, Cheyenne Nicole Lemmon, 22, of Sidney, faced a fine of $136 for failure to control and weaving. Ova L. Keys, 44, of Sidney, received a $130 fine for a violation related to right of way/stop/yield signs. Sadia Guy Modest Diomande, 45, of Sidney, was charged with reasonable control and ordered to pay a $130 fine.

Daouda Sakho, 29, of Sidney, was held accountable for operating an unsafe vehicle and received a fine of $255. Quentin Thomas Couch, 21, of Sidney, faced a $161 fine for driving under restrictions and child support. Michael Salinas, 30, of Sidney, was charged with driving within lanes/continuous lines and fined $136.

The list of sentencing continued with various individuals facing fines for offenses such as speeding, driving under suspension, and other traffic violations. Offenders from other states, including Hurricane, West Virginia, Leonia, New Jersey, Mendota, Minnesota, and Clinton Township, Michigan, also appeared in Sidney Municipal Court.

The court aims to ensure public safety and maintain order on the roads by holding individuals accountable for their actions. Each case is handled individually, and appropriate fines are levied based on the severity of the offense.

The Sidney Municipal Court serves as a vital component of the local justice system, upholding the rule of law and ensuring that all citizens are treated fairly and justly.

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