General: [email protected]

Repairs: [email protected]

Crash and break a component? Accidents definitely happen and sometimes they are repairable. If you happen to break a component and you believe it might be repairable, please contact us for further inquiry. Please attach a few photos and brief description of what happened, we will then decide to bring the part in for closer inspection.

Warranty: [email protected]

All our products are backed by a full two-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Please review our Warranty Information and contact us with an associated part number and description of what happened.


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User inflicted damages are not covered by the manufacturing warranty. Examples of user inflicted damages:

  • * Failing to bunny-hop a barrier in a cyclocross race
  • * Using a fender as a shoe horn
  • * Using your cyclocross brakes as throwing stars
  • * Improper installation
  • * General misuse