7 Cool Android Apps

Android apps are very popular programs that are used on tablets, smartphones and various other computing devices. Apps are software programs that are written specifically for mobile computing devices. A major application distributor is Google Play which caters exclusively to Android based apps. Depending on how people use their devices there are nearly an unlimited amount of applications that are worth considering for their units. Here are seven cool Android apps that can be used for Android apps.

One app that has to be seriously considered for download on Android devices is Angry Birds. This particular video game application is the most well known app in the world. Angry Birds has created different versions of the game such as Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Star Wars.

Another important Android app is Google Maps that turns mobile devices into a GPS unit. Google Maps provides users with information that will allow them to find just about any location on the planet.

Barcode Scanner is a lively little app that allows user to scan product barcodes and make online price comparisons. They can also download apps and information that is provided via the codes that could possibly offer discounts and savings on various products.

The latest social networking website called Pinterest has created an application that allows users to pin photos and videos to their boards from their mobile devices.

VEVO is a music video app that contains all of the latest music videos from many different genres and artists. This app features thousands of videos and listeners could hear music for many days.

Shopkicks is a relatively unknown app that plenty of perks for users. This app allows users to earn kickbucks by making purchases, scanning items and visiting featured retailers. Kickbucks can be redeemed for gift cards, free merchandise and in some instances merchandise.

Gas Buddy is a simple but effective app that should appeal to almost anybody that has an automobile. This app is extremely practical for saving people money on fuel cost. The app gathers price information on all of the gasoline stations that are located within a user’s area in order to help them to find the best deal.

There are also plenty of VPN apps that allow you to surf anonymously and protect your identity online. These days the most popular VPN provider is HideMyAss (click here for a video review). They don’t offer an Android app but you can use their VPN service on Android.

These are just seven of the coolest apps that are available for users from Android.

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